Practice Areas

Business & Contract Analysis

Running a successful business starts at day one, when you select your business structure. Over time, your business may even grow to become a global player. At every stage of business growth and expansion, clients have enjoyed the benefits of working with Louisiana Business Law Attorney, Charles M. Raymond. He is highly skilled in advising businesses in this region by analyzing their business and their contracts.

Family Law

In Louisiana, Family Law applies to people from all walks of life that are involved in a family relationship, either formal or casual. Whenever children are involved, their interests need to be upheld in solutions that work for all parties. Many family law disputes are centered on the care, upbringing, or family relationships with minor children.

General & Injury litigation

Nothing changes your life faster than a serious injury. Even after receiving medical treatment, you may deal with pain on a regular basis. You may find that you are unable to work, participate in your former hobbies or enjoy your life as much as you once did. Many people who sustain serious injuries also develop emotional and mental health problems related to the trauma they experienced. Although no amount of compensation will repair your life completely, seeking damages from the person or organization responsible for your injuries can lighten the load and help you move forward.

Will & Estates

Taking the anxiety out of the unknown is a major goal clients achieve as they develop Will and Estate Plans with Attorney Charles M. Raymond, of Luling, LA. Preparation of your Will is an excellent way to provide security for your family and gain peace of mind for yourself. You, and not an impartial judge, can be in charge of directing the disposition of your estate assets and property when you are no longer able to do so, or after you pass on.

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